April 5, 2020

“It’s figuring us out faster than we’re figuring it out!” ujar watak Dr. Alex Hextall, seorang pakar virus menerusi filem Contagion pada 2011 yang mengisahkan bagaimana seorang wanita dijangkiti virus MEV-1 telah menyebabkan jangkitan pada skala besar sehingga mengakibatkan banyak negara diletakkan dalam situasi kuarantin.

March 31, 2020

You can run but you can’t hide” could be the title of a song or a quote from American heavyweight boxer Joe Louis to his contender at the eve of a boxing match.

However during this Covid-19 season, this song or quote is in reference to all ages, gender or class. As someone correctly pointed out, even the young or rich are not spared from this Covid-19 scourge that is ruining life socially and economically.

March 2, 2020

OPEC and Russia had failed to agree on oil production cuts during their meeting in Vienna amid record low crude oil prices due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, thus ending the OPEC-Russia alliance. Russia instead balked at the idea of cutting oil production, sparking an all-out price war with the Saudis pledging to ramp up production to maximum capacity to 12 million barrels a day in a move to flood the market.

February 1, 2020

On the eve of the Chinese New Year celebrations, a new strain of virus known as the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) believed to have originated from a bat in the Hubei province stormed international headlines, triggering fears of a pandemic outbreak much like the SARS crisis of 2003. No less worrying was that the virus seemed to have appeared in Wuhan, the geo-demographic centre of Mainland China and a central transportation hub for hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens.

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