Umno reps blamed for lack of Chinese support

KUALA LUMPUR – Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (Insap) has blamed racially-charged comments from acting Umno president Mohamad Hasan and BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz for the lack of Chinese support towards BN in the Semenyih by-election.
Insap deputy chairperson Pamela Yong, had in a statement, said: “The lack of return of Chinese support to BN in concurrent with the drop in Harapan’s Chinese support was in huge part a retaliation to the of insensitive statements made by high ranking Umno-BN leaders during the Semenyih campaign.”
“Chinese voters in Semenyih were somewhat spurned by the racist and highly seditious statement made by Nazri against Chinese and other ethnic minorities on vernacular schools, as well as by Mohamad with his boo-boo (that) ‘there were too many penumpang in Parliament’ remark during the Semenyih campaign period.”
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